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interior design,architecture interior,modern,villa,living room-Midjourney AI Prompt
A man is running home anxiously.DVD screengrab from studio ghibli movie,,--Midjourney AI Prompt
Draw a picture of Princess Elsa,wearing high heels and a dress adorned with jewels,--Midjourney AI Prompt
534 I want a high-definition,wide-angle picture of Lake Namtso--Midjourney AI Prompt
554 A majestic Doberman,clad in armor,exudes an imposing presence without anger.--Midjourney AI Prompt
681 A logo with the theme of a blue goose wearing a judge's cap,flat,--Midjourney AI Prompt
984 A beautiful girl is drinking tea in the garden.,--v 5.1 --s 97 --ar 1:1--Midjourney AI Prompt
371 Family harmony brings success in all matters.,light watercolor,bright--Midjourney AI Prompt
198 Production of plant essential oils,--v 5.1 --s 90--ar 1:1--Midjourney AI Prompt
866 Long curly blonde hair,flowing in the wind,cheerful smile,wearing a short hooded sweatshirt and skinny jeans,--Midjourney AI Prompt
6 In a spacious bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling window,the astronaut wakes up from the bed.S--Midjourney Prompt ai
558 Red-haired girl with red eyes,DVD screengrab from studio ghibli movie,, --Midjourney ai Prompt
853 Film and television star Fan Bingbing,French art,street,full of details-Midjourney AI Prompt
114 A free astronaut,amidst the scenic beauty of snow-capped mountains and lakes resembling the Tibetan plateau,--Midjourney AI Prompt
998 A logo with the theme of a puppy,flat,simple,hand-drawn illustration,--v 5.1--s 90 --ar 1:1--Midjourney AI prompt
687 The adorable gray little wolf and the cute blue little cat are having a picnic on the grass in the park--Midjourney AI prompt
971 A man holding scattered flying flowers with a pure white background,--Midjourney AI prompt
945 The adorable little wolf is sitting in the gazebo,wearing a shirt.He is a male student with a youthful furry appearance,smiling,and of medium build--Midjourney AI prompt
501 Draw a picture of the Pokemon Pikachu.,DVD screengrab from studio ghibli movie,,directed by Hayao Miyazaki,retro anime --v 5.1 --s 90 --ar 1:1--Midjourney AI prompt
190 An astronaut,grassland,a beautiful sky,windmill towers,animals suitable for the grassland,--Midjourney AI prompt
    • Midjourney AI is a versatile text-to-image service that enables you to generate compelling images from textual descriptions. People utilize Midjourney AI to create AI artwork for various scenarios including logos, portraits, architecture, and more.

      What is midjourney AI?

    • All users can enjoy 20 free uses. You can get an additional 20 opportunities in the Midjourney app. Before any payment is required, you have ample opportunities to experience our services for free.

      How much is midjourney AI ?

    • Simply input your prompt into the input box on the right and wait for about a minute to receive your Midjourney AI image. Also, you own the rights to the AI artwork and can download the high-definition image for free. No need to use Discord, everything can be completed on midjourneyai.ai.

      How to use Midjourney AI ?

    • We have also pre-set a large number of excellent Midjourney prompts to help you generate high-quality AI artwork more easily.

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Frequently asked questions

    • How to use midjourney for free?

      The official Midjourney Discord channel is no longer free to use. However, you can use the Midjourney AI image generation service for free at midjourneyai.ai.

    • How to use midjourney on discord?

      First, register for Discord and Midjourney, accepting the invitation to Midjourney's Discord channel, and type /subscribe in the #newbies channel. Then, choose your Midjourney plan and start creating images back in Discord.

    • How to use midjourney privately?

      You can effortlessly enable Midjourney's private mode by typing the /private command. However, please note that you must be a subscribed paying member to access this feature.

    • How to write good midjourney prompts?

      You can refer to this universal formula for website prompts: Character Description + Main Character + Character Action + Art Form + Lighting Effects + Color Style + Perspective + Image Size

    • How to access midjourney?

      Use for free at midjourneyai.ai.

    • What is the copyright for using Midjourney generated images?

      Midjourney offers its premium subscribers the freedom to use their generated images commercially for any business purpose, such as for marketing material and cover art.